Our traditions

Producing and trading potatoes is our family tradition since 1934. This is still reflected in our company name: Kouters Aardappelhandel (Kouters Potato Trade).

After finishing my agricultural education in 1997 and working together with my father in the family business for 10 years I took over the management of the company as a proud and driven representative of the third generation.

Just like my father and my grandfather, I believe that hard work, fairness and responsible business conduct are the basic elements of our success and sustainment. I am committed to continue with these values.

Our present and future

In 2014 we took over a packing company in Dinteloord which has served as our main production facility ever since. The increased capacity enabled us to expand to export markets and we became one of the biggest potato packers in Holland.

Our unique quality is that we sell and deliver directly from the source to our clients, this way we guarantee the best product for the right price.

The rapidly growing export activity to Central and Eastern Europe made us realize that we can help our customers by supplying them with a wider range of fruits and vegetables. Thanks to our widespread and flexible network of product specialists, we are currently able to supply several dozens of goods with hundreds of varieties. We organize mixed trucks fine-tuned exactly to the various needs of our customers.

In order to better manage and administer the increased work load and complexity, we have established a close partnership with Midden International Ltd. This trading company with Dutch roots has more than 10 years of experience in the fruit and vegetable business. Midden International Ltd. is seated in Hungary which grants a better customer service in our core export region, Central and Eastern Europe. Together we have a better feeling for the market trends and the ability to flexibly manage any need of our customers. Within the next few years we aspire to become a well-established and versatile supplier in the international trade of fruits and vegetables.

I firmly believe that our long-standing tradition and our solid strategic and financial foundations shall grant encouragement to our customers and suppliers. We do our best to be worthy of their trust. I am looking forward to welcoming you among our satisfied partners.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Kouters

Managing director


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Mark Kouters

Managing director
Email: sales@kouterstrade.nl

Paul Midden

Sales manager
Email: sales@kouterstrade.nl Tel: +36-30-637-5428